History Blog

This is my history blog for Mr. Boyle's G period class. There you have it. I have been keeping this blog since whenever school kinda started back up again. I don't really know when but it was after marching band started up again. Anyway, I looked back on all of the posts that I have been doing for about half a minute today and realized that all of these are terribly boring. So I think I'll add some fun stuff in.

November 9, 2012

Thursday, June 20, 2013

This is my Final Post

Hello random internet people who have stumbled across this. Well, today marks me finishing my sophomore year of high school. It has been much fun learning how to blog and I have started my own cosplay blog for fun. I've learned a lot this year but now It is time to say goodbye. I will leave you with one last picture.Well, this is MadDog signing off for the last time. (Sorry, I always wanted to say that. XD) Bye!


  1. I think that you have developed a wonderful picture of the trouble of reaching success. It is that realization that we have been striving for this year. Good for you for recognizing it.